The Usefulness of Recorded Macros in Excel

One of the most advanced features of Microsoft Excel is the use of recorded macros. A macro actually refers to a piece of programming code that runs in the environment of Excel. It is nothing but a recording of some of the routine steps in Excel which can be replayed using just a single button.

The most important thing is to learn the overall process of recording the macros.

Moreover, you can get a clear and complete idea about the power of recorded macros with Dallas Excel classes.

Automation of Repetitive Tasks

  • The prime advantage of recorded macros is that it performs the repetitive tasks automatically.
  • Once the macros are recorded, the repetitive work is complete with just a single click.

Saves Time

  • When you complete the same sets of tasks at one go, a lot of time can be saved.
  • The time which is saved can be utilized for some other productive purposes.

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